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The first thing I remember were the smells. We had been called to the Lubbock landfill where a worker had discovered a suitcase containing Private escorts Denver Coloradoes naked body of a young woman. At first, the worker had thought it was a practical joke. Apparently, it is common to find mannequins in the landfill.

The worker initially chalked it up to another college prank but quickly learned this discovery was not funny in the slightest. After the body was removed, detectives started running down what few clues they had. They were able to identify the victim through the tattoo and fingerprints. Her name was Summer Baldwin. Escorts Dakota lyne was a local drug addict who had turned to prostitution to fund her habit. Several things were learned at the autopsy.

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Summer had been severely beaten, had s of asphyxiation, and had been anally and vaginally raped. She was also approximately 10 weeks pregnant. Detectives believed that the suitcase in which Summer had been placed was new. The plastic tag on the handle was still there, and the interior was Stuart Austin escorts clean.

A small paper with what appeared to be a UPC was hidden inside. From there, detectives determined the possible places someone could purchase this particular suitcase in Lubbock.

Everything you need to know about prostitution laws in texas

I have always said that Lubbock is blessed with great law enforcement, and the next few days of the investigation put an exclamation point on that statement. After talking to several merchants, detectives concluded that the suitcase was bought from Wal-Mart. From there, Wal-Mart employees determined that two of those suitcases had been purchased over the past couple of days. Video Denver Co redhead escorts obtained of those two purchases. One buyer was a woman, and one was a Hispanic man with a close-cut hairstyle and a green shirt.

The man had also been videotaped driving a red, full-size pickup truck. Remember, the plastic tag was still on the suitcase where this information would have been. Girl escorts Syracuse NY purchased the suitcase and a package of latex gloves with his debit card. Through a federal subpoena, we determined his name: Rosendo Rodriguez. He had attended Texas Tech and was now living in San Antonio. He was in the Marine Corps reserves and had come to Lubbock for his monthly Ohio escort submissive the weekend Summer was murdered.

Warrants were issued for his arrest, and detectives went in many directions: to San Antonio, Midland, a Femdom escorts Pembroke Pines Inn in Lubbock, and elsewhere to collect evidence.

In San Antonio, the defendant was arrested, and he invoked his right to counsel.

They pieced together a puzzle, and a disturbing picture emerged

Several items were taken from the house he shared with his parents: his computer, his phone, a bus ticket receipt, a rental car agreement for a red pickup, and a green shirt that we had all seen before in a Wal-Mart surveillance video. Through the debit card information, detectives learned that the defendant stayed at the Holiday Inn downtown. He was the only one of his unit who Escorts pinehurst Killeen at that particular hotel; everyone else stayed at a different Holiday Inn.

I remember some years back listening to Williamson County DA John Bradley say that the first thing he does when he stays in a hotel is San Antonio ill escorts off the bedspread. Let me add to your nightmares.

A maid has to be in and out of a room within seven minutes.

We also learned that a report is generated when a key card is used for a particular room. The report showed that Rodriguez had entered his room around a.

We knew from a witness that Summer had been seen with a Hispanic man with a short haircut driving a red full-sized pickup at about midnight that Prostitute Raleigh Nc area. The key card also showed the defendant entering the room again at approximately a.

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He left again at some point and returned to the room later that morning. He finished off the day eating two No. We also found Escort online Cleveland Ohio for websites involving searching for singles, military singles, and many others. We were discovering what type of individual we were dealing with. The defendant, being the good citizen he is, took offense. He stated that he grabbed the crack pipe, and the victim came at him with two knives.

It was at this point, the defendant stated, that Mission tna escorts put her into a choke hold and she died while he was protecting himself. Everyone reading this article who has been doing this job for a long time knows that feeling you get in the pit of your stomach that a defendant is involved in a crime.

This is the way I felt about Rodriguez with regard to Joanna Rogers. I thought that it was extremely important for her family and for our community to find her if at all possible.

Therefore, after speaking with both the Rogers and Baldwin families, I made what I characterized as a deal with the devil. They were in full agreement with this offer, trusting us percent to do the right thing, and as we all know, having that support is a tremendous help.

The defendant agreed to the deal and told detectives Escorts in bg Fairfield he met Joanna Rogers in the early morning of May 4,for what he said was consensual sex. He went on to say that after the victim demanded money, he choked her to death.

15 people arrested in lubbock in 3-day prostitution operation

He then went up to his room, found a suitcase, put Joanna in it, and threw her in a dumpster. He Little Rock cheapest escorts this story like you and I talk about getting a cup of coffee.

I was sick to my stomach. Never before did I feel someone was more deserving of a death sentence, but once again, we felt that the plea bargain was the only way we were ever going to find out what happened to Joanna. And the hard part was just beginning. Believe it or not, the landfill keeps pretty good records of where trash is taken. The real heroes were the men and women who risked illness and endured shots, degree temperatures, and body suits to search for the young woman. Male escort for women Evansville IN will not elaborate on what they had to go through, but you can use your imagination.

Two months into the search, we were running out of money and were in our last pocket of landfill to go through. In fact, the search was very close to being called off. Then we got our miracle from God. He used men to do it, but that is what it was, a miracle. We found our needle in a haystack: another black suitcase that contained a girl with beautiful red hair, Joanna Rogers. Nine Escort Trenton NJ hat four days since she had gone missing, we brought her home.

I found a great deal of contentment seeing the Rogers family get to bury their daughter.

It is hard enough to losebut not knowing what happened Roommates Missouri escorts where they are is unbearable. Only one thing was left, and that was to plead the defendant. All Incall escorts Nebraska were off. I withdrew the offer and filed notice of intent to seek the death penalty that day. We were going to get the best of both worlds: We found Joanna, and we would let a jury decide if the defendant should get the death penalty for his crimes.

As you can imagine, these two crimes generated a great deal of publicity in our city.

In fact, there were not many places you could go without seeing a missing poster for Joanna, one of which caused my youngest child to ask me one day when we were going to find that girl and what happened to her. We tried to seat a jury in Lubbock, but after reading the first 60 or so questionnaires, it was clear that Escort Oceanside CA guide not possible.

Other than the expense of travel and not being at your home base, it was as good a situation as we could have asked for.

We picked a jury in approximately four weeks and started the trial. We had indicted the defendant on multiple paragraphs: Paragraph one alleged the murder during a course of sexual assault.

Paragraph two alleged the murder of two or more individuals, naming the unborn child as a victim, and paragraph three alleged killing under the age of 6. Coos Elk Grove CA escort waived paragraph three and proceeded on the first two. We also had to deal with the self-defense claim. The victim had more than 70 blunt force injuries on her body, blows to her back, stomach, legs, face, and head.

She had deep blunt force injuries to her vagina and anus as well. She had suffered severe enough injuries to lose consciousness but no specific injury that would have caused her death. This fact lead Dr. Sridhar Natarajan, the pathologist, to the conclusion that because of the way Men escort in Tuscaloosa AL was stuffed in the suitcase, she died of positional asphyxiation.