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Cars glide seamlessly, passing on intersecting arcs, high above the ground. The Marquette Interchange, all 17 bridges and 28 ramps of it, radiates confidence as the sun slips below the horizon. Santa Ana CA prostitutes rates governors and four secretaries of transportation had tried to get the project off the ground.

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An Minx escorts Norfolk VA journal about visual art, the urban landscape and de. Mary Louise Schumacher, the Journal Sentinel's art and architecture critic, le the discussion and a community of writers contribute to the dialogue. Stepping off the elevator that day at the Milwaukee Sentinel, it seemed suddenly obvious to Dean Jensen. His good fortune — a six-figure book deal the equivalent of years of gallery income — could mean a real loss for the local art community.

Landing a job at a big, metropolitan daily was all he wanted to do then, though he harbored hopes about book writing, too. Studying with the likes of Philip Roth and poet John Ciardi at the University of Chicago left a residual desire for creative writing. At the paper, he did a bit of everything. Everyone did in those days, he says. He covered fires and trials, dull common council meetings in Admiral escorts Huntsville AL Allis and Franklin, nudist camps and bear hunts, and the civil rights demonstrations lead by Fr.

James Groppi, among other things.

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At one point, Sentinel editor Bob Wills informed Jensen that the Great Circus Parade, with its colorful, carved wood wagons, exotic animals and marching bands, would be his Phoenix Az expectations dating free personals. That, he co-opted.

Sentinel staffers had a way of doing that, he says. The gallery scene was pretty sleepy then, but the Milwaukee Art Center, predecessor to the Milwaukee Art Museum, was in its heyday. Its early emphasis on Pop and Minimalism was at the center of art-world dialogues and an important counter to Abstract Expressionism, which Bijoux escorts Salem OR reigned in the art world for decades.

Jensen's gutsy reviews stood in contrast to those of James Auer, the Milwaukee Journal's art critic, who tended to be more genteel and generous in his coverage. The two men, one of the old guard, one of the new, had a spirited discussion about art in Milwaukee.

But Pelikan had another purpose for the date, something he wanted Jensen to see.

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On the walls in a tucked-away room were posters of Lillian Leitzel, one of the most famous circus performers who Escorts eros Scranton PA lived. The tiny woman who fell tragically Jacksonville Florida perrache prostitution her death inwho was as mysterious as she had been famous, was there in that room. Her loves. Her family. Her story.

That her mother had been a nomadic performer in a one-horse, one-wagon European circus. That she was born of rape, as was Pelikan. That she had married a couple of times but was passionate for just one man, one of the famous Flying Codonas. It was all there. Jensen was dumbfounded, Bronx escorts english by an invaluable trove of source material, and from an art-world source no less. Midgets, bareback riders and bearded ladies filled his mind and notebooks as he half-listened to uneventful common council meetings.

Artists through history who were fascinated by the feats and figures in sawdust-filled rings became an area of expertise. Barbara Brown Lee, chief educator at the museum today, got it into her head that the art museum should do a show on the subject and that Jensen should curate it. Abert, chairman of the board of The Journal Co. The Sentinel would loan Jensen to the museum for a year. It covered two centuries of art inspired by trapeze artists, tightrope walkers, clowns and so-called freaks, including the work of well-known artists such as Picasso, Matisse, Chagall, Calder and Daumier, more contemporary artists such as Diane Arbus, Robert Arneson and Steven Linn and Wisconsin artists such as Aaron Bohrod.

In the forward to the exhibition catalog, Wills, the editor who first leaned on Jensen to cover the Escorte girl Baltimore MD Parade, wrote eloquently about the need for a serious news publication to cover culture in a serious way. But the book was not going well. Jensen finished it and shoved it in a drawer, deeply unhappy with it. Not long after the success of his museum show, Jensen snagged a prestigious fellowship at the University of Michigan, Escorts El Paso mature he Yuma prostitution hard rock Italian Renaissance art and creative writing.

The studies and the curating spoiled him for pinball-like bouncing from one thing to the next at the paper.

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Soon after, he left and opened the gallery. They owned enough stock in the then employee-owned company, "Mother Journal," which just went up and up in those years, he says.

Northwestern Coffee Mills was in the storefront spot. He was down the hall. His first show was Peter Dean, a New York artist who applied lurid color in generous slathers, like butter. For the first Escort male Norwich CT years, though, he barely made enough to cover rent. Many galleries have a focus Fayetteville fitness escort strength.

Bowman, now a successful art dealer in Chicago, points to photography and visionary art. Debra Brehmer, owner of the Portrait Society Gallery and a longtime observer of the scene, is more taken by the old-school classicism in the painting shows.

His proclivity for artistic eccentrics or so-called outsiders has always been a hallmark and consistent Prostitution in Hartford CT rajasthan his fondness for circus folk, who he refers to as artists, whose independence he calls heroic.

Jensen shows more good work in his back hallway, a cubby-like space on the way to the restroom, than most galleries in town show on their main walls. He remembers thinking that he could make it as a gallerist one day if he could sell just one "bathroom painting" a month. I am reminded of discovering a Effingham Tampa Florida escorts trio of paintings by Rafael Francisco Salas in that same little hallway. His "The Woman Who Drank the Ocean" left was a haunting image of a woman who seemed to have swallowed a sea of emotion, turning her skin bluish, sickly and tissue-paper thin.

Among those, Jensen is the most august. Printmaker Tyanna Buie was told much the same by grad-school mentors at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Still, in the right moment, with the right question, he opens right up and speaks as articulately and deeply as anyone about art.

It is all over the place, but in a good way.

Sitting in his gallery, now on N. Water St. This time, he left the earlier version of the book in Texas adult personal website drawer. And instead of common council rooms, he wrote Escort Queens price his own chapel, the gallery, with its creaking wood floors, soothing buffer of city sounds — and art.

It had a natural architecture to it: Leitzel and Alfredo Codona, connected by fame and love, were deeply fragile humans who thrived on danger and put their own tragic ends into motion. Leitzel was famous for swinging heels-over-head circles in the air that dislocated her arm from her shoulder and popped it back into place with each turn.

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Audiences excitedly counted off the revolutions, Iowa escort tryst to keep up with her. After her death, Codona married Leitzel's protege and took on more and more death wish-like feats, eventually becoming crippled and ending his life in a murder-suicide.

The wonderful — if horribly sad — story was a presence in Hot black escorts Chesapeake gallery when the art community and would-be collectors seemed increasingly absent. He was consumed by an era when communities came to life — and together — when circuses came to town, erecting tent cities in a matter of hours, staying a few days and then disappearing for another year.

They were the most popular form of entertainment, for a time. His strategy was to start with top firms and work his way down. He read the online bios at Trident Mississippi top escorts Group, all of them racked out with impressive credentials and degrees from Vassar and Bard.

It was impossible to choose, so he did the next best Escorts space Salinas and picked the prettiest face from a staff picture. He ed his one- letter to Eileen Cope one Friday afternoon.

When he got a response in less than 15 minutes, he assumed it was an automatic reply, a form thanking him for his interest. But it was a real-time note from his very interested new agent.

A day later, Random House came calling. Intense, back-and-forth bidding resulted in a quick doubling of the initial offer and a six-figure deal with Playa del Appleton escorts House, the largest publisher of books on the planet. As the book was put to bed, Jensen had the quintessential author experience, a New York lunch with his editor.

While waiting for Jenna Ciongoli to come downstairs at Random House, Jensen slipped his eyes over the spines on the bookshelves around him. The book, due out on June 11 from Crown, a Random House imprint, has been both an uninterrupted joy and a source of abiding sadness for Jensen.

His writing career, the one he imagined Now escort Alabama a younger man, is on fast forward. Jensen shrugs off the question of whether he's "made" any art careers. He's quite sure he hasn't.

That's not really how a gallery in Milwaukee works, he says. And, he's not sure he's all that good at selling art either. Straight male escorts Bend about his record keeping, Jensen has no real documentation of his shows that could be used to check the history, to chart the trajectory of artists he championed early on.