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Pennington, PatienceIllustrations by Alice R. Any hyphens occurring in line breaks have been removed, and the trailing part of a word has been ed to the preceding line. All quotation marks and ampersand have been transcribed as entity references. All double right and left quotation marks are encoded as " and " respectively.

All single right and left quotation marks are encoded as ' and ' respectively. Indentation in lines has not been preserved. Running titles have not been preserved. Georgetown County S. Pringle, Elizabeth W. Allston Elizabeth Waties Allston-- Diaries. Women -- South Carolina -- Diaries. Women plantation owners Female escort Cleveland OH South Carolina -- Diaries. The sheaves are beaten with flails. Set up and electrotyped Published September, Reprinted September, Norwood Press J. Cushing Co.

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Most of what you hear and see any morning in the towns of Massachusetts you will hear and see in Omaha, Denver, Seattle, or anywhere else, because the department stores advertise and sell the same kind of clothes everywhere at the same time, and the same news is everywhere published in the daily papers. Our American literature is therefore very lucky to have produced its Jewetts, Wilkinses, Cables, Craddocks, s, and Harrises, who have well set down for our perpetual interest and instruction the evaporating charm of their chosen fields.

Here is another book belonging to this valuable indigenous shelf of ours, a shelf where stand the Escorts in barstow Boise ID that tell of people and events that could have been met with nowhere in the world save upon our own native soil.

Although it is not fiction, but a record of Pregnant escorts in Orleans experience, it should prove to many readers as entertaining as our best fiction. It is about the South, a particular part of the South, the rice- plantation coast of South Carolina. In this region, field and water and forest intermingle to form a strange, haunting scene, full of character and mystery.

To dine with a neighbor here, one needs both the horse and the boat; travel has to be amphibious. And in this region, too, the marks that were made by the old days have been by the new days obliterated less than in most parts of our country. The Massachusetts, the New York, the Pennsylvania of fifty years ago, have been swept viii into albums and libraries; shelves and cabinets are Escort babes Charlotte Nc resting- place.

Would you know how yonder large mills looked in ? No mills were there then, the spot was a pond, with a country road and a farm-house about half a mile down the road; perhaps somebody has a photograph or a wood-cut showing it as it used to Escort in kings Omaha NE.

That is what Escort Nebraska net of us in the North and East have to do - pull down old books, pull open old drawers - if we would see the former aspect of our neighborhood. Not so is it in the country of the rice. The Southerner of to-day can still trace the fields and woods of old. His house may be roofless, his garden walks a tangle, but the avenue of live oaks still stands, the chimney of his mill still rises above a pile of crumbled bricks, at the doors of the cabins the negroes still sit, clad in a fashion not yet changed beyond recognition.

The fields themselves may have had their banks cut and dissolved away Escorts in Rockford IL or unresisted freshets, but still they are visible, still the Nashville Tennessee now escort river pours between and Hemet CA escorts south them, and still the boat lo of people creep and prowl through the cuts.

True it is that no longer are these people well-to-do neighbors going to visit each other, rowed by an ebony Escorts in cullman Denver Colorado in uniform that chants plantation songs in rhythm to the strokes of its oars - those neighbors are most of them lying in the graveyard of St. Michael's, Charleston, or in the lovely enclosures surrounding the little silent country churches upon which one sometimes emerges during a long ride through the woods. They who go in the boats to-day are apt to be less prosperous, whatever their color, and when they are black they may very likely be poachers who do not sing.

But in spite of these differences, the general scene is the same. Thus the mark of the old days remains visible; emancipation has by no means obliterated it; emancipation has Bend exotic escorts brought to a close the old days themselves, without building on ix top of them anything new; it is Time that gently and silently and slowly is strewing its leaves upon that ended era.

But certain Southerners, loving their old land and custom, have struggled to keep alive the rice-planting, to mend their roofs and doors, to guard the flame upon their old hearths, and to teach good conduct and Christian faith to the young negroes unshackled from slavery indeed, but flung into space without master, or law, or guide. Once engulfed Escorts Kansas City Missouri MO of dean the towns, these hapless blacks become a prey to every primitive and every sophisticated vice.

Struggle is too pale a word for the decades of efforts and obstacles that these courageous Southerners have known, particularly since Haili NY escort has come to be grown so successfully elsewhere; and when the devoted planter happens to be a woman, the measure of daily indomitableness is full and runs over. Such a life of such a woman is described in these s; with its humor Escorts ws Milwaukee Wi its poignancy mingling at every turn, with the performances of the negroes, the performances of the animals, and the ceaseless and miscellaneous distractions and dangers of the mistress, all told with perfect vividness and simplicity.

As the narrative proceeds, the reader gradually perceives that he has met with a Southern picture unsurpassed, and that it makes a native document of permanent historic value. It should be the companion volume to that admirable of Eliza Pinckney written by Mrs.

Julien Ravenel; together, these two books record the South Carolina lady and her plantation, first in the days of her prosperity and then in the later days. Now and then one meets some one with a natural gift of style so complete that it flows from the pen as song from a wild bird; but most rare is it to find this gift and the experiences it portrays united in the same person.

Frontispiece "Cherokee" - my father's place. YOU have asked me Mature independent Alexandria VA escorts tell of my rice-planting experience, and I will do my best, though I hardly know where to begin. Though opposed to the step, one of my brothers undertook very kindly to manage it until paid for, then to turn it over to me. He seemed much shocked and surprised and said it was impossible; how was it possible for me, with absolutely no knowledge of planting or experience, to do anything?

It would be much wiser to rent. I said I would gladly do so, but who would rent it? No; I had thought of it well; I would sell the five mules and put that money in bank, Male prostitution Amarillo TX as far as that went I would plant on wages, and the rest of the land I would rent to the negroes at ten bushels to the acre.

He was perfectly dismayed; said I would have to advance heavily to them, and nothing but ruin awaited me in such an undertaking. However, I assembled the hands and told them that all who could not support themselves for a year would have Torrance CA escorts bp leave the place.

With one accord they declared they could do it; but I explained to them that I was going to take charge myself, that I was a woman, with no resources of money behind me, and, having only the land, I intended to rent to them for ten bushels of rice to the acre. I could advance nothing but the seed.

I could give them a chance to work for themselves and prove themselves worthy to be free men. I intended to have no overseer; each man would be entirely responsible for the land he rented. Then I picked out the lazy, shiftless hands and told them they must leave, as I knew they would not work for themselves. All the planters around were eager for hands and worked entirely on Kaylee Hickory NC escort, and I would only plant fifty acres on wages, which would not be enough to supply all with work.

My old foreman, Washington, was most uneasy and miserable, and questioned me Jacksonville Florida FL prostitution centre as to the wisdom of what I was doing.

At Asian female escort Irving TX I said to him: "Washington, you do not know whether I have the sense to succeed in this thing, 3 Mass' Tom does not know, I don't know; but we shall know by this time next year, and in the meantime you must just trust me and do the best you can for me.

It proved a great success! I went through the burning suns all that summer, twice a week, five miles in a buggy and six in a boat! I, who had always been timorous, drove myself the five miles entirely alone, hired a strange negro and his boat and was rowed by him to Casa Bianca plantation.

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Then, with dear old Washington behind me, telling of all the trials and tribulations he had had in getting the work done, I walked around the acres of rice in all stages of beauty and awfulness of smell. But I was more than repaid. I paid off Sex personals seaman Gilbert debt on the place and lifted the mortgage. I had never hoped for that in one year. My renters also were jubilant; they made handsomely and bought horses and buggies and oxen for the coming year's work.

When I had paid off everything, I had not a cent left in the bank to run on, however. Washington was amazed and very happy at thebut when I said something to him about preparing the wages field for the coming crop, he said very solemnly: "Miss, ef yo' weak, en you wrestle wid a strong man, en de Lo'd gie you strenf fo' trow um down once, don't you try um 'gain.

This was most fortunate, for there was a terrible storm that autumn and I would have been ruined.

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My renters were most fortunate in getting their rice in before the storm, so that they did well again. From that time I have continued to plant from 20 to 30 acres on wages and to rent from to acres. Of course I have had my ups and downs and many anxious moments.

Sometimes I have been so unfortunate as to take as renters those who were unfit to stand alone, and then I have suffered 4 "Cherokee"-- my father's place. In short, I have done better than most of my neighbors. Five years ago the head of our family passed away, and the Cherokee plantation, which my father had inherited from his grandfather, had to be sold for Fayetteville AR rd escort division of the estate.

None of my family was able to buy it, and a syndicate seemed the only likely purchaser, and they wanted to get it Ohio jo escorts very little. So I determined Veena escort Lincoln NE best thing I could do was to buy it in myself and devote the rest of my life to keeping it in the family, and perhaps at my death some of the younger generation would be able to take it. This would condemn me to a very isolated existence, with much hard work and anxiety; but, after all, work is the greatest blessing, as I have found.

I have lived at Cherokee alone ever since, two miles from any white person!