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For the Memphis bicentennialreporter Sarah Macaraeg interviewed six elders who've helped cultivate their communities over multiple decades — and are still at it today. From Busty black Evansville IN escorts and South Memphis to east Arkansas and Orange Mound, each of their stories offers a first-person, on-the-ground view of history in the making, touching on segregation and civil rights, education, sports and the arts. But, above all, the elders offer insights for the future, on what it takes to Escorte soumise Erie community and what it will take for Memphis to progress in the years to come.

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These include studies of the Shelby Scholars Summer Institute the Shelby County Schools program from which the STEM Academy proposal evolved and the STEM Academy; professional development for beginning principals, K-6 reading teachers, and nursing educators; charter school ability and management services; enhancement of elementary guidance counseling in four Jackson prostitution price Tennessee school districts; University of Memphis Kacey Jacksonville Florida FL escort for enrichment of high school mathematics and computer science education; in-school motivation and leadership training in Memphis City Schools; effects of the Tipton County Anti-Drug Coalition; and inmate rehabilitation and re-entry education programs in use Sacramento California CA escorts outcall the Shelby County Division of Corrections, as well as academic and re-entry education for youth involved in the Shelby County juvenile justice system. His involvement with evaluations has included mixed-method de, instrument creation, testing, observations, extensive experience in conducting focus groups and interviews, training of site researchers in interview and focus group techniques, survey administration, and writing of formative and summative evaluation reports. Search X.

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Try out PMC Labs and tell us what you think. Learn More. The objective of this study was to describe implementation of a social network strategy SNS program, which leverages personal connections in social networks, to reach people with undiagnosed HIV infection for HIV testing. We targeted young black men Escort services on Medford OR have sex with men MSM at 3 agencies in Memphis and Nashville, Tennessee, during Specialists at the 3 agencies identified MSM with and without diagnosed HIV infection ie, recruiters who could recruit members from their social networks for HIV testing ie, network associates.

Forty-seven of the 78 Of 80 people newly diagnosed with HIV, 44 Further program evaluation is needed to understand how to improve linkage to care among people with newly diagnosed HIV. In the same year, the estimated time from HIV infection to diagnosis was longer among non-Hispanic black people 3. The Escorts morganton Philadelphia approach assumes that people who engage in high-risk behaviors cluster in networks with people who engage in similar behaviors.

History of memphis, tennessee

Recruiters are identified to bring their social network members in for HIV testing services. We also compare overall with SNS goals Rockford escorts today by staff members in consultation with program officers and required as part of the grant application by the Tennessee Department of Health to gauge the effectiveness of implementation. All 3 agencies are long-standing AIDS service organizations. The SNS program coordinator provided technical assistance and training to SNS program specialists at the 3 agencies, conducted quarterly site visits to assess performance, and Escorts domincan Reno NV SNS program specialists focused on program goals.

Pete shearon, j.d.

However, we encouraged agencies to not turn people away for testing regardless of race, age, or sexual risk Santo Rhode Island escorts. We collected data on demographic characteristics and laboratory test for all SNS participants who completed HIV testing. Consistent with CDC surveillance definitions, 25 we used data on viral load to ascertain linkage to and reengagement in care. We calculated the network Saint Newport News VA escort services ie, the of network associates divided by the of recruiters, with a range of 5.

Lower index s indicated an inability of recruiters to recruit network associates and, therefore, a reduced likelihood of identifying people with newly diagnosed HIV to reach program goals. Each agency also reported the of HIV tests administered throughout the study period. We then used a nonparametric method to estimate the distribution of the of tests provided over time assuming the of tests provided behaved as a random variable.

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The kernel density plot derived from this data-smoothing approach used an Epanechnikov kernel function, in which the area under the agency-specific curves summed to 1. We conducted all analyses by using Stata version The overall network index was 6.

The of HIV tests conducted fluctuated during the study period: the frequency of testing increased initially until it peaked at agency 2 in January through March ofalthough it dipped during that same period at agency 1 and agency 3; it dipped sharply in January through February ofparticularly at agency 2 and agency 3; and then it increased sharply thereafter until a final decline near the end of the testing period in early Figure 2. All network associates and recruiters were tested for HIV. The network index the of network associates divided Papeete Naperville IL prostitution the of recruiters was a measure of the San Francisco CA escorts dr of the SNS program.

Kernel density distribution of HIV tests, by agency, as part of a social network strategy program that leveraged social networks to reach primarily young black men who have sex with men with undiagnosed HIV infection After dark escorts DC HIV testing, Memphis and Nashville, Tennessee, June 1, —June 30, The smoothed curves depict the instantaneous probability and frequency of HIV testing over time.

Of participants tested for HIV, A total of Of note, 27 Little prostitution Tallahassee. A ificantly lower percentage of participants tested in Nashville compared with Memphis were non-Hispanic black: of A ificantly higher percentage of participants tested at agency 2 compared with agency 1 and agency 3 were aged In addition, a ificantly higher percentage of Escorts agencies Louisville tested at agency 1 Recruiters were identified to bring their social network members Charleston SC escort in bayarea for HIV testing services.

Of participants tested, 9. The proportion of HIV-positive test differed ificantly by agency Of the participants with positive test78 The highest percentage of participants ly diagnosed with HIV was at agency 1 59 of 82 [ A higher percentage of participants newly diagnosed with HIV were at agency 2 39 of 53 [ Of the 78 ly diagnosed participants, 31 We found no ificant difference in the percentage of ly diagnosed participants who were in care and out of care by agency.

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Niko San Antonio Tx escort 47 participants who were ly diagnosed and out of care were referred for reengagement in care; 27 Of the 80 newly diagnosed participants, 36 Of newly diagnosed participants, 32 Linkage to care did not differ ificantly by agency: Escort guys Oakland CA However, identifying participants with ly diagnosed HIV offered an opportunity for reengagement in care. Seattle WA foxxx escort 1 had a higher percentage of HIV positivity than agency 2 or agency 3, which was likely related to the higher proportion of participants with ly diagnosed HIV Escort noord Orlando participants with newly diagnosed HIV.

In a study conducted in New York in on a similar HIV testing strategy, other factors affecting HIV-positivity rates included differences in background HIV incidence in the region and in the target population of young non-Hispanic black MSM and differences in recruitment methods used. In our study, participants were followed for 9 months, and the proportion linked to care likely would have increased with a longer follow-up time. Although the of tests conducted did not differ ificantly by agency, agency 1 had a higher proportion of newly diagnosed participants who were linked to care within 9 months than agency 2 or agency 3.

This agency also had the highest network index The overall network index in the evaluation was consistent with Virginia nuvo escort SNS program evaluation findings.

One evaluation of sites reported similar findings of varying network indices by site, with an overall network index of 8. Further program evaluation is needed to identify characteristics of this high-efficiency agency that could inform future SNS program efforts. This study had several limitations. First, it is possible that we achieved saturation through our methods to identify young high-risk black MSM, thereby exhausting social networks of the priority population and obtaining fewer new diagnoses of HIV infection.

Use of social network strategy among young black men who have sex with men for hiv testing, linkage to care, and reengagement in care, tennessee,

Second, staffing turnover in Memphis agency 1 and agency 2 led to a loss of SNS operations knowledge as staff members departed and operational delays as new SNS staff members were trained. My local escorts Washington Dc, new staff members provided access to new social networks, new recruiters, and new network associates, which extended the reach of SNS activities.

Third, we did not collect data on recruitment strategies used by each recruiter; as such, we were unable Escorts fortitude Salinas CA determine the effectiveness of particular recruitment methodologies. Further SNS program evaluation is needed to help identify effective strategies to meet goals for additional SNS program efforts.

Future work should focus on the characteristics of sites with high network indices, individual-level data on recruitment methods, and detailed data on costs.

Tipton county sheriff's office announcements

McGoy and April C. Pettit contributed equally to the article and are co-first authors. National Center for Biotechnology InformationU. Journal List Public Health Rep v.

Public Health Rep. Published online Nov Monitoring Editor: Timothy P. Escort maduras Kansas, PhD, Kim M. Williams, PhD, and Mesfin S. Shanell L. April C. Leah R. Mary K. Peter F. Author information Copyright and Men escort El Paso TX Disclaimer.

: ude. This article has been cited by other articles in PMC. Methods: Specialists at the 3 agencies identified MSM with and without diagnosed HIV infection ie, recruiters who could recruit members from their social networks for HIV testing ie, network associates. Keywords: black men who have sex with men, HIV, social network, South.

Open in a separate window. Figure 1.