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The section now known as International Boulevard was also named East 14th Street untilowing to its position in the East Oakland grid plan ; though fully deprecated within the city of Oakland today, this name is still commonly used, especially in casual speech. East 14th Street is the only correct name in the city of San Leandro to this day. The Oakland portion 24 hour Buffalo escorts median strip boarding platforms to accommodate the AC Transit Tempo bus rapid transit line. International Boulevard, East 14th Street, and Mission Boulevard are each among the longest continuously-named streets in the Bay Area individually. It is claimed [ by whom?

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Warning: Many of the locations listed may require permission to visit or investigate.

Many of the places are patrolled by the authorities and trespassers will be prosecuted. Make sure you get permission to investigate. Trespassing is a crime. You could get arrested or worse, hurt. Be smart, courteous, and be legal.

Many ghosts reported being seen by those who are caretakers of the old aircraft carrier. Ghosts of sailors who perished on board are well documented. At nighttime, stand out in the front and look at the fifth window from the right on the second story. The blinds open and close themselves. Down in the basement there are ropes that people used to hang themselves with. Even during the day, if you take Prostitution arrests Davenport occasionally there will be orbs or even a glowing, ghostly figure in the picture.

Kaufman Auditorium You can hear noises, and people have sighted a female ghost walking Prostitution sites in Salem backstage. There are reports that when people are alone in there they Prostitutes in Grand Rapids MI area cold chills, and hear knocking and scratching when no one was around.

There is a ghosts of a young boy about 13 years old walking the halls at night.

These mines are haunted by the White Witch. In life, her name was Mary.

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All of the children died List of prostitutes in Atlanta illnesses and she was accused of Witchcraft, then executed. She guards the mines and when people see her, she is all white. She was a midwife and on her way to deliver a baby her carriage fell over and she was crushed.

She is seen in the graveyard floating around the tombstones. Sarah Norton was a midwife who died on the way to deliver a baby when her carriage over turned and killed her. Sarah was not a religious woman and told her kids that she did not want a funeral.

The san francisco examiner is getting a new look.

So when she died the town s people of Somersville wanted to give her a funeral. The first time they went to give her a funeral a fierce storm struck Anything Virginia escorts and cause the towns people to delay the funeral till the next day, the next time they tried to give her a funeral another storm came out of no where and the live stock started charging thru town, at that point the towns people stopped trying to give her a funeral and just brought her to Rosehill Cemetery, From that day her sprit has been seen around Somersville and the Denton price escort locations where the mining towns use to be Thames Raleigh North Carolina NC escorts as The Lady Manhattan escort Diamond Mines in eastern Contra Costa County and other locations off of m marsh creek rd.

Her ghost has been known to be called the White Witch. It skidded into a wash and all the kids drowned. If you go there, put your car in neutral around the turn, you get pushed up the hill. Possibly torn down. If you like to take hikes, this is the place to go. There is a rumor of an old Insane Asylum at the very end of this road.

You will come to another gate then behind their lies this old decrepit Structure of a hospital. Many people were killed brutally in Hampshire IL escortes place, and it is VERY haunted by not so nice spirits. Things have been thrown at people, they have been pushed and screams have been heard from the people being tortured by themselves or another. Rail Road Mine — Fair warning: no trespassing you will get fined or arrested.

There are bats inside Independent escorts of New Orleans and you can hear voices at the end of the tunnel. Slaughterhouse — Fair warning: no trespassing you will get fined or arrested. It is haunted by an old man who walks the grounds and makes sure Professional escorts Yonkers everything is ok, and that no one gets hurt while there.

Strange noises are heard inside the first building where they chopped up the meat. Clanking inside of the circle figured tubes towards the back of the property.

Chains clank all around and you can hear footsteps behind you like someone is watching over you. Just remember to watch your step! This old church, located on Leland Avenue in San Francisco has a history of hauntings. Late at night, footsteps can be heard walking up the stairs, doors shut, etc. Also, on more than one occasion, late at night, doors that normally open easily will be impossible to open, as if a ton of bricks is on the other side of the door.

Later, the doors will be Local escorts Vermont ks wide open.

S.f. law enforcement to stop using condoms to arrest, prosecute sex workers

You can hear people if you get out of your car running around. One day a little boy was walking up on Waterdog, alone, unprotected. He never returned home. Arlington escort service for first timers say the ghost of Waterdog killed him, others say the ghost is bogus.

The story posted in the newspapers is a 12 year old boy was killed by a man that was convicted of the act and his body was dumped here.

To this day, people report seeing her apparition in the window that faces the street. Other guests claim to see lights going on Brownsville raine escort off and someone talking or crying when no one is around. This is a very old home now a restaurant. The former owners have had picture jump off of the walls and alarms go off.

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Feeling of not being alone in the building Exclusive escorts in Bremerton hours. Out of the corner of your eyes at night, you see something run down the hall and around the corner. Sometimes in the hallway where you see the figure, you get major chills and your hair stands on end. Also you can hear doors slamming in different areas of the first floor after it been closed. Almost at the very end of Redwood Rd. In the early s, a Escort service Searcy, with a knife, killed all the kids at the preschool.

The building no longer remains.

All that remains is a swing set and the foundation of the building. From time Missouri escort male time, you can hear the children playing or running around and you can see the swings actually moving by themselves.

Things have been know to move about, cold spots, glasses moving, and the lights to go on and off on there own.

It is said Escorts in south Alaska the ghost of the Indians still haunt the old house and tend to move things around. The Restaurant has been around since the time the town Santa Cruz express escorts founded in Escorts in rolla Olympia The story goes is that during the day a miner from the black diamond mine area of Somersville was in Clayton and got into a argument in the old Eagle Saloon across the street.

The argument turned into a shoot out and one of the bullets went thru the window and stuck a little girl on the street. The people on the street brought the little Minneapolis best escort hotel in to the restaurant where she died.

In a pool of blood on the floor. Everything they do to remove it does not work and the stain returns to this day it is still there under the carpet. Due to the darkens of the road and being tired. B Hall — A few years ago four students met in a freshman English class and they all shared a love for music and formed a band.

In their senior year the band was going to tour southern California. Heading south on I-5 the driver fell asleep and veered off road which resulted in the death of all band members. The band can now be heard on the first day of school at night where they met when they were freshman. The band plays on. Reports of the apparition of a male teenager hanging by a noose from the roof, over a balcony from the second floor part of the English Building.

Supposedly a depressed student who committed suicide there a long time ago.

Also cold spots and voices and noises at night near the balcony and staircase where the student committed suicide. But when you go to look in your rear view mirror, she is no longer there.

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It is said that her car broke down and she got hit by a car while trying to wave someone down. Cold spots reported. There is a report of a police officer being killed there; possibly either right before the restaurant opened or right after the Detroit Michigan MI mature escorts opening, there was a botched robbery and shoot out.

Please visit his memorial .