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Age: 18
What is my ethnicity: Belgian
Sexual identity: Hetero
I like to drink: My favourite drink mulled wine
I like to listen: Easy listening
In my spare time I love: Listening to music

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1. introduction

I was just chatting to Jenny, one of our kitchen deers, who is now properly with child and beaming. She actually read the whole blog and was interested to hear where that entrepreneurial spark came from. The truth is I made a whole bunch of mistakes along the way, made a lot Cheap escort service Newark money very quickly and also very Escorts filming Olympia WA lost it.

The losing of the money was the hardest and most important lesson of them all. At the time, a terraced house in Loughborough cost about 10k. The house came with two sitting tenants, one young girl on the top floor and an elderly lady in the cellar. She would invite me to have tea with her from lovely china cups and a proper teapot. Her flat was full of beautiful Georgian mahogany furniture.

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She refused to have a fridge; instead she kept her milk in a bucket of water hanging under the steps up to the front door. Her flat in the cellar was very damp, the joists had rotten away under her floorboards so that they were now resting on soil. Under her bed, the floor had dropped 4 inches below the skirting and she had packed it up with layer Vallejo spice escorts layer of newspapers. The Landlord had arranged for her to move into temporary accommodation whilst the builders sorted it all out, but Molly Dating online personals Amarillo the Collywobbles on the morning when the builders arrived.

She sat there sobbing until everyone went away. Molly had lived there for over 30 years; she had never married and had no relatives that she was in touch with. Everyone knew Molly. The youths retaliated with various projectiles delivered in the dead of night, which meant that at least Chambersburg Cleveland Oh escorts window was always taped up with cellophane.

Molly proudly showed her collection of stones and half bricks to any visitors. In fact, the house bore the brunt of drunken vandalism on many Busty blonde escort Omaha, being on the corner of a nice road and a main road between the centre of town and the largest council estate in Loughborough. One night Escort prices in Tucson AZ Police bollard came through a ground floor flat window and landed on the pillow next to a sleeping tenant.

She was horrified and moved out shortly after. The house proved problematic for a of reasons. As much as I had done my sums very carefully, I missed some very important details out that would soon have the bailiffs at my door. In all my calculating I had neglected to find out the actual rates payable. I had just estimated a figure. I was out by a long way. This took a marginally profitable exercise badly into the red.

It took the council about a year to start getting heavy with me. It was the summer after I graduated when the Bailiffs arrived. The students had all moved out and Molly had found a really nice sheltered flat just round the corner. All the bailiffs could find to take was my old black and white portable TV, a ZX81 computer with 1k Escort girl occasionnelle Harrisburg memory and a broken Prostitutes phone numbers in Houston Texas TX all together worth less than a fiver.

There was hope though. With news of an impending house price slump an offer was withdrawn and I was distraught. I went round to the prospective buyer to see if I could change their minds with a much lower price. I earned a little extra cash pavement drawing in Edinburgh, Stratford and Leicester. I remember pavement drawing in Edinburgh during the Festival and a football mob piled down Princes street thumping shoppers as they went and kicking our pile of change across the road while we cowered behind a statue.

The willy is smudged because I was too shy to draw it while people were watching. To cap it all, the house was broken into and badly vandalised, with graffiti all over the cellar.

I just wanted to bury my head in the sand, it seemed such a lost cause. I had my fingers crossed for 8 weeks and finally, unbelievably the sale went through. I took the solicitors cheque straight to the bank. I was still a very young man to be paying in a cheque of that size. I felt sure the bank would be relieved it all came good for me Concord CA biche escort be happy to invest the money.

Instead of putting it in a savings I dabbled in business and learnt some very harsh lessons on Top Santa Clarita escorts way. I set up a de consultancy before I even graduated, with a friend from my course. Poor things; I never really thought of it as a big day for them, just a dull day for me and a waste of money for a flat hat and robes and photographers fees. Setting up a de consultancy at the beginning of a recession was tough.

We worked from home sensible and put an ad in the back of De magazine. When you start advertising you think that you pay your money and then customers appear. Luckily we met a guy at our degree show who was an eminent ergonomist and he put some work our way. The first contact he gave us, we deed and prototyped up some TV stands for.

I think we did an ok job, and he seemed pleased, but we waited 2 months without being paid. Expecting people in business to have a conscience will only leave you constantly disappointed. The Ergonomist fellow also introduced us to contacts at The Royal National Hospital Bath and we Ann Arbor mistress escort some products to aid the disabled. After our first year we recruited two new deers; one of them Phil, remained my business partner for a decade as the business morphed into deVOL. At the time we thought that getting a prominent office and there now being four of us would make us look more established, so we set about making a fancy boardroom table and some Beetlejuice inspired chairs.

They were awful, but with our new office in town, a posh and nice projects in the window we felt sure people would take us seriously. However, work was hard to come by, we would take on any project, but most of our time was spent trying to find work. We met someone who was at Cranfield Business College and he asked us to de some branding for him. With nothing better to do we spent all week on it.

He was pleased and we were cheap, so he recommended us to some colleagues at Cranfield. We ended up going down to Cranfield every 3 months and doing a presentation to the Entrepreneurs about the importance of branding and ed up clients afterwards. One client we picked up from our office in Loughborough asked us to de a magazine advert for his industrial ventilation business. We did one Stella jacqueline escort Laredo TX he liked and paid for and he came back for another.

He was a very demanding person and we really wanted to impress him.

Erdington pupils help to spruce up their local park

I came up with this hand drawn cartoony drawing of Marilyn Monroe standing over one of his ventilators with her skirt billowing Smoking escorts Manhattan. We proudly presented it to him, whereupon he stared fiercely at the drawing silently.

We succumbed, after hiding under our boardroom table while he shouted and banged on our front door! This was the time that my house sold and finally I had some money in the bank and, freed from Rochester NY straight escorts burden of debt, I fantasized over an idyllic way of life without angry ventilator man.

Two of the partners, Phil and Willy were happy to me on our new venture. We would order 3 classic beetle convertibles to be renovated by this specialist garage near Lincoln.

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They would all look identical in Old English White, a tan leather interior and a black duck cotton hood. We would rent a large villa in the South of France, advertise in the broheets and pick up our holidaymakers from their homes Jersey City hobby escorts drive them to the South of France, stopping in nice hotels on the way. Whilst we were there we would take our clients water skiing, windsurfing and rock climbing, all our favourite things.

Unfortunately, most villas with enough rooms looked more like Chateaus, and they wanted half the seasons rent up front to secure it for the season. The money that I was so lucky to make on the house would all be risked on one venture. Poor old Phil came back from India expecting to be heading off to France, only to find we were going to sell the beetles as soon as they were ready.

We had negotiated a Nebraska upscale escorts discount for ordering three of them; theoretically there was a margin to be made.

The three of us Escorts barstow Newport up at the garage in Lincoln to pay the balance and drive away our beautiful trio of beetles. We thanked them all and drove off as they stood and waved on the forecourt.

Grand national

The Allegro driver was jumping up and down at the scratch on his bumper, whilst we stared in dismay at the badly folded in beetle bonnet. We were too embarrassed to take them back to the garage, so we drove home. We had been so looking forward to bringing them Vip escort girls in Norfolk VA to show all our friends, but instead we found ourselves driving in feeling very sheepish.