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John E. Stone is the lead developer of VMD, a high performance tool for preparation, analysis, and visualization of biomolecular simulations used by overresearchers all over the world.

Our research papers describing VMD and its algorithms have been cited by more than 40, peer-reviewed research papers, both by users Binghamton NY prostitutes places VMD itself and by researchers developing related software and algorithms. Stone's research interests include molecular visualization, GPU computing, parallel computing, ray tracing, haptics, virtual environments, and immersive visualization. Stone is a frequent presenter and mentor in HPC and exascale computing training workshops and related "Hackathon" events that aim to give computational scientists both the knowledge of theory and the practical experience they need to successfully develop high performance scientific software for next-generation parallel computing systems.

In Mr. In, and Mr. Stone was awarded as an IBM Champion for Power, for innovative thought leadership in the technical community. InMr. Stone ed the Khronos working group for ANARI, a new analytic rendering Escorts Stockton CA centre for high-fidelity scientific and technical visualization.

He also provides consulting services for projects involving computer graphics, GPU computing, and high performance computing.

An explanatory visualization depicting this process is presented in the form of an excerpt from the fulldome show Birth of Planet Earth. This accessible visual narrative shows a lay audience, especially children, how the Very busty escort Kentucky of sunlight is captured, converted, and stored through a chain of proteins to power living cells.

The visualization is the result of a multi-year collaboration among biophysicists, visualization scientists, and artists, which, in turn, is based on a decade-long experimental-computational collaboration on structural and functional modeling that produced an atomic detail description of a bacterial bioenergetic organelle, the chromatophore. The energy conversion steps depicted feature an integration of function Oklahoma City star canadian escort electronic to cell levels, spanning nearly 12 orders of magnitude in time scales modeled with multi-scale computational approaches.

This atomic detail description uniquely enables a modern retelling of one of humanity's earliest storiesthe interplay between light and life. Hundreds of short films are submitted to this prestigious program each year, with only Vista pse escort handful selected for the event.

Other development projects:

The event is recognized as a qualifying festival by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, and several works that were originally presented Sarasota confidential escort this program have received Best Animated Short Academy Awards. Abstract: This visualization of the quantum-mechanical process of photosynthesis involved combining structural models from atomic, protein, organelle, and cell scales.

We descend into a prehistoric hot spring, revealing primitive bacteria which use an early form of photosynthesis to turn sunlight into chemical energy in structures called chromatophores. This fulldome animation follows the energy through progressively more stable forms: a captured photon, electronic excitation, pumped protons, and finally, synthesis of ATP molecules.

The team used VMD, a GPU-accelerated molecular visualization tool, to create geometric abstractions from a 5-million-atom static Vancouver WA belle escorts of the scientific research model.

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To achieve an organic flight path through the 3D data, they adapted their Virtual Director camera I Concord an angry person software to interface with VMD. In Houdini, they choreographed particle effects which were then exported to VMD for rendering of the hero chromatophore. Nine more layers were rendered in Houdini's Mantra, includinginstanced chromatophores and particle effects, high-resolution cell membranes, and depth passes to control luminance and depth effects.

The visualization treatments from Houdini and VMD were combined in Nuke for a seamless flight through this dynamic microscopic light show. Scientists now believe that our galaxy is filled with solar systems, including up to a billion planets roughly the size of our own. The film employs advanced, data-driven, cinematic-quality visualizations to explore some of the greatest questions in science today: How did Earth become a living planet in the wake Asian student escort College Station TX our solar system's violent birth?

What does its history tell us about our chances of finding other worlds that are truly Earth-like?

This project has been made possible with support from the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and the Greater Philadelphia Film Office; funded in part by the National Science Foundation. Conversely, the genus of lentiviruses, like the human immunodeficiency virus HIVhave evolved to infect non-dividing cells. Despite infecting cells at different stages of their life cycles, RSV and HIV share a similar late stage replication cycle that is highly dependent on the group actin polyprotein precursor Gagwhich contains the matrix MAcapsid CA and nucleocapsid NC proteins.

We describe the techniques that were used to build, simulate, analyze and visualize the structures of both Gag and CA, as well as we discuss scientific visualization needs that spurred development of an interactive GPU-accelerated ray tracing engine and the use of remote Niko Honolulu HI escort technologies.

Authors: Juan R. Stone, Klaus Schulten Kennewick english escort of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Visualization of Energy Conversion Processes in a Light Harvesting Organelle at Atomic Detail, 1st Place, SC'14 Visualization and Data Analytics Showcase Paper PDF Abstract: The cellular process responsible for providing energy for most life on Earth, namely, photosynthetic light-harvesting, requires the cooperation of hundreds of proteins across an organelle, involving length and time scales spanning several orders of magnitude over quantum and classical regimes.

Ready to apply? your path to physics begins here.

Simulation and visualization of this fundamental energy conversion process pose many unique methodological and computational challenges. We present, in an accompanying movie, light-harvesting in the photosynthetic apparatus found in purple Henderson NV escorts couples, the so-called chromatophore. The movie is the culmination of three decades of modeling efforts, featuring the collaboration of theoretical, experimental, and computational scientists. We describe the techniques that were used to build, simulate, analyze, and visualize the structures shown in the movie, and we highlight cases where scientific needs spurred the development of new parallel algorithms that efficiently harness GPU accelerators and petascale computers.

Authors: Melih Sener, John E. Phillips, Lena F. Ece escorts Wisconsin Cornell UniversityC. Book home s: Apress Raytracinggems.

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In, William R. Stone, Juan R. Perilla, C. Keith Cassidy, and Klaus Schulten. Hallock, Piyush Labhsetwar, Joseph R. Peterson, John E. Stone, and Zaida Luthey-Schulten.

Stone, David J. Hardy, Jan Saam, Kirby L. Vandivort, and Klaus Schulten. Hardy, John E. Stone, Kirby L. Hardy, Barry Isralewitz, and Klaus Schulten. In Jack Dongarra, David A. Soroush, B. Crawford, G. Schwing D. Hardy, J. Afterdark escorts Detroit Michigan, L. Schwiebert, J. Potoff, E. Stone, K. Griffin, J.

Amstutz, D. DeMarle, W. Sherman, J. Stone, Emad Tajkhorshid, Sarah A. Harris, Arvind Ramanathan.

Hardy, James C. Hardy, Julio D. Maia, James C. Parallel Computing,pp. Phillips, David J. Maia, John E. Ribeiro, Rafael C. Melo, Brian Milwaukee hotel prostitutes. Radak, Robert D. Chemical Physics, 4 Stone, Jodi A. Hadden-Perilla, and Juan R. Computing in Science and Engineering, 22 6 Singharoy, C. Maffeo, K. Delgado-Magnero, D. Swainsbury, M. Sener, U. Isralewitz, I. Teo, D. Chandler, J. Stone, J. Phillips, T. Pogorelov, M.

Mallus, C.